Mitsuko isn’t reflecting status ailments

Y’all need to fix this. She isn’t reflecting any status ailments that I’ve seen except Alasia’s mana neuter in stage 12. No reflection so far in raids.

Mitsuko only reflect Ice’s special damage & harmful status effects:
Hitting a target shielded by Mitsuko’s skill:

  • It is a special skill?

Nothing happens

  • It is from a Ice hero?

Nothing happens


115% damage and effects reflected


It is poorly worded, but yes only ice specials and ailments are reflected.

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If that is the case, it is very poorly worded…the only reason I was leveling her was to counter Gravemaker. It should say “all allies reflect 100% damage and status effects from Ice special attack”. That’s totally readable and understandable.

Instead of “ALL ALLIES REFLECT ALL STATUS EFFECTS…and 100% damage from Ice special attacks”

Agreed on the verbiage needing to be changed. I would think she reflected all status effect regardless of color hero. “All” needs to be taken out.

The second “all”. yes that would help.

I don’t think it should change.
That “all” indeed means all kind of status ailments from that kind of hero (blue). Is it defence debuff, elemental debuff, dispel, mana reduction or healing stop. “All” of that.

Just read it until the end.

Well it is very misleading as it is stated. And with no restriction on the type of status effects, one would assume all.

The best way would be either:

“Reflects 115% of damage from ICE Special Skills and all ICE status effects back to the attacker for 4 turns.”


  • Reflects 115% of damage from ICE Special Skills back to the attacker for 4 turns
  • Reflects all ICE status effects back to the attacker for 4 turns

Those are very clear. We have seen a LOT of confusion on how it is currently worded already.

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I really think people start to be really susceptible about this kind of things lately, but if this help people to understand better i have nothing against it.

@Petri the card wording or game logic needs to change, Mitsuko’s ability in action contradicts the way the ability is worded.

  1. If Sonya’s dispel is not a status effect, then it should go through and remove Mitsuko’s ability.

  2. But if Sonya’s dispel is a status effect, then it should be reflected and any status effects on Sonya should be removed.

Currently, neither of those things happen. Sonya’s dispel ability is simply ignored.

madmarv has a great point. Sounds like a bug. Can an admin provide an update? Thanks.

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