Mitsuko can no longer block mana reduction effects from Ice element Heroes’ Minions

About V50 balance adjustment.

" Mitsuko can no longer block mana reduction effects from Ice element Heroes’ Minions"

What does it mean? Is there any ice element hero whose minions can reduce enemy’s mana? Lady of the Lake’s minions can reduce mana, but she is a nature hero. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

If LotL is next to ice heroes, they’ll get her minions and there you would have the ice hero minions which apparently would be blocked from Mitsuko. I guess it happens, but not that often.


Minions ‘take’ the colour of the owner, not the hero who created them

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You can also change LotL to blue wih guardian chameleon or in Starfall circus challenge event stages.

Also Waterpipe in the Covenant Summon will also similar to LotL, and he is blue.


Not sure why this rebalance should happen to be honest. The “block” would be few and far between ….
Unless SG have something planned for a future hero……

Ok, so if Mits lost that ability, how about c.G.Kong?

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“Also Waterpipe in the Covenant Summon will also similar to LotL, and he is blue.” according to PlayForFun.

Woot! Making the older heroes more useless for the sake of newer power creep heroes!


This “nerf” to Mitsuko is to pave the way for Monster Waterpipe.

Just like Ursena was “nerfed” to make way for Gullinbursti’s status effect attack. After the slew of fixes, Not sure now whether Ursena reflects Gullinbursti or not at all.


I have noticed that Theobald used to resist mana reduction from LotL minions if he used his skill, but has recently stopped resisting. (I noticed this at a VF tournament.)
Theobald has been silently nerfed and Mitsuko has caught up with it.

Mitsuko and cGKong share the exact same skill description regarding blue reflect. The ballance update only mentions Mitsuko. Does this mean c.G.Kong won’t be affected by the update?

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I think it will effect G.Kong costume too.

Previously the game’s mechanic in a way shows that minions inherit the element of the hero they are domicile on!

Now with this Mitsuko 'nerf 'this appeared to be no longer so!

Or this is just a unilateral change to make up for the Waterpipe coming? Since Mitsuko is already a counter and who by the way has been exploited in a sales cycle and may like be featured in SE!

:thinking: …so much of sales gimmicks!

Highly likely to make way for Monster Warerpipe. To increase his desirability, and thereby boost sales.

It’s not good for business if an aged hero can stop a brand new OP hero in its tracks.

I am waiting to see what SGG will do to Hel, Proteus and other mana inhibiting heroes. Maybe release New OP hero with hefty Hulda type minions that give ailment block that cannot be dispelled.

Logical consistency isn’t always evident in this game, but once they decided that Xiahou Dun’s minion can dispel Mitsuko, that means they don’t consider a minion’s hit as a special skill. Which means all minion hits should act in the same way.

In the same way, minion hits can’t be dodged.

Does Theobald’s special block Lotl’s mana cut?

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Just my opinion, but it just sounds like they’re just closing up some of the programming that they left hanging from the original hero. With the increase of minions with special abilities, it’s been pretty clear that they are treated differently from hero specials (just look at Vela and Devana who are immune to minion effects).
Chances are, the case of LotL giving blue heroes minions encountering Mitsuko who already fired wasn’t one that happened often and people may not even have noticed. Now with Waterpipe, they’re just revisiting the old heroes to make sure they act accordingly as their cards say.

I haven’t tried Xiao Hu Vs Mitsuko. Does his minions dispel Mitsuko’s blue reflect ?

I’ll try and find one to make a video but here’s a reply from Xiahou Dun’s thread


Great news this. :))))

One more option for me now. Bwahahaha

Not Mitsuko, but here’s Xiahou Dun vs the similar Costume Guardian Kong.

Before situation : cGK has fired and XhD just killed himself on the Prof, but also gave minions to his flanks

After matching 3 Green tiles down the middle, the minions slashed cGK and Peridot for 38 and 9 hp, but more importantly removed the Blue reflect

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