Mitsuko buff

Mitsuko buff not working on Cobalt :rage:

If I remember correctly (I don’t have Cobalt) he is able to bypass defensive buffs.

but Cobalt breaks the buff and takes off the hp

Right, Cobalts special has the chance up to 100% to bypass Mitsuko. So everything is working as intend.

Wanted to add a screenshot from his special, but I am afraid the German version could not help at all, so here is the description:

They changed it in the last update all rangers, plus Cobalt can now bypass MIT’s elemental reflect
Totally wrong imo

It’s working as intended.
It is mentioned in the notes of the latest update , version 33:

  • Fixed an issue where Elemental reflect was non-bypassable by rangers and Cobalt. Titanium shield can also be bypassed now

For more info, please check this thread:

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This is off the Staff
Thanks for this topic and discussion. This is not a bug as Rangers cant bypass through Elemental Reflect, if they are of the reflected element. This also applies to Cobalt (Reflect is not the same as Counterattack).

They have changed it

finley is also a ranger and can’t get around the reflect of mitsuko. likewise the chao should bypass the reflect that Ursen gives

Yes, Finley can bypass Mitsuko’s reflect, but not every time.

Duplicate thread, see link above.

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