Mitsuko buff bug

why Frida ice hero is doing dispel when Mitsuko has reflect spell ?? is it right ?? why we call ice reflect if is removed by Frida ice hero…


When two powers basically fight each other—like a reflect vs a dispell-- it’s not always clear what the desired result should be. That said, there have been bugs with Mitsuko and Spirit link before.

@Petri, @KiraSG, it would really help if you could comment briefly on whether this is intended behavior or a bug. If we know the answer, it will be a lot easier for the rest of us to field other bug reports like this.


Personally, I think the ice-special-reflect should reflect dispel when cast by an ice hero.


It would be totally weird if dispel from an elemental reflect is handled differently from a standard reflect - but elemental powers do sometimes behave differently so you are right to ask.


If i’m not mistaken, Mitsuko reflect Sonya dispel (aka, Sonya can’t dispel and Mitsuko’s buff still in place).

Suppose to be the same for Frida?


yes your are 100% right…

Totally missed the reflect status effects statement…I agree it should reflect the dispel based on that.

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That is my understanding too. But… :man_shrugging:

Bonsoir, au vu des commentaires que j’ai pu lire, j’aimerais savoir si Frida a le pouvoir de
Contrer Mitsuko ? Avec Frida ? :thinking:

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