Mitsuko, Anzogh or 3rd GM?

Who should I max? A 3rd GM seems redundant, but I don’t see why everyone likes Mitz and Anz just seems weak to me.

I guess the advantage to mitz is she is one of the better Sorcer’s even if she isn’t all that great in and of herself…


I have almost exact question. I have Mitz and Anz sitting 3/70 with components to up 1 of them. Really dont know who is better choice.

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Chose one you like or one that can go well with your current rosters, or one that can be of use…

If neither seem to float ayour :sailboat:, then save your mats :monkey:

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Wormwood from Blazing Dawn I have seen uses 3 on his defence with a yunan tank. I would say it was mostly to show off but I am currently 0-2 against it lol.


As popular as GM is, I can’t imagine 3 on one team being an amazing defense… I’m more a fan of variety, myself. I vote for Anzogh.

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Redundant or not, having 3 maxed Gravemakers in AW would make a lot of sense. Wish I had that problem, lol.

I’d max Mitsuko for the whole sorcerer thing tho. She’s better than Anzogh imo.


I went this way over my other 2 gms if it helps


Azn is good with a booster like zimkitty

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Mitsuko is better with alasie and or ontenal

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I’m hoping to pull Mitsuko so she gets my vote, looks like a fun character to play with and why else do we play if not to have fun!

I like Mitsuko.

  1. She’s a sorcerer. Not many good candidates for those emblems.
  2. In the right situation, her reflect is amazing. I always keep an eye out for Athena or Isarnia foes, fire Mits, then feed those blue heroes tiles. Much fun ensues.
  3. Her mana steal is very valuable in controlling the boards, especially paired with Onatel or similar mana-slow heroes.

Have you teamed her with QoH in such a situation? It would seem like you do less damage back to them, but perhaps much safer for your team?

Another vote for Mitsuko. Against blue bosses in events and Atlantis hard, she is amazing.

She gave Alice a spanking in wonderland just recently, and the Blue Kirin in my Atlantis must be very tired of dying to her reflection

As we are currently Red tanking in AW she is my tank at 80+5 and does a respectable job there too

I don’t have Anzogh, but not sure why people don’t like him. Average speed, AOE with full team heal, that pairs beautifully with BT and Wilbur for a stacked attack. What’s not to love?

I think either are a respectable choice, and a third GM might be good for war attacks, but I would prefer the others for variety and fun, which is what it’s all about

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Mitsuko is the only red hero who can be strong against two colors; green and blue.

For raids, and for wars, that is immensely valuable to have when stacking colors.

Mitsuko all the way.


Thanks all…I went with Mitzi. I haven’t been wowed by her at 3-70, but maybe she comes into her own when maxed.

Great point Dave. Also excellent on raiding where you have an average blue hitter flank (say Grimm or Richard) or a fast blue hitter wing (like Alasie or Athena)

The timing tends to work very well with those positions and speeds that Mitsuko special is active and they just die

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Here’s one of my favorite raiding teams:

The only challenge is that Athena/Isarnia/etc. won’t blow themselves up, because they hit only QoH.


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