Mitsuko and Wilbur’s special not working well together

I’ve noticed that once Wilbur’s special Wonderful Feast is engaged along with Mitsuko’s reflect
that not all allies reflect blue. If both specials are engaged at the same time only one hero reflects and the other 4 hero’s evenly distribute damage from the blue enemy that should have never landed in the first place. Please fix this whenever possible.

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Just to make sure it’s clear what the issue is, you’re saying that blue status effects and special skills aren’t reflected when both Mitsuko and Wilbur’s specials have buffed everyone? Just making sure you weren’t expecting all blue damage to be reflected, since Mitsuko only reflects status effects and damage from special skills.

What zephyr1 said. Mitsuko doesn’t reflect normal attacks.

Nothing to fix.

Yes I’m very aware of Mitsukos special. I have her fully leveled and I know she only reflects blue. When an Ice hero hits me and I have both Mitsukos special and Wilbur’s special engaged I still take damage unfortunately.

And yes I know it’s only Ice specials that are reflected.

I have uploaded a short video on YouTube to showcase the flaw. I’ll be hit twice in the video, once by Isarnia and once by Vivica at the very end. Now Isarnias hit is a special and you’ll see a ton of numbers pop up. The 2nd hit is a standard hit from vivica. Look up “Mitsuko and Wilbur”.

I kept the title short, video was posted today 12/18/18 on YouTube.

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Adding what appears to be the video @Setra made for easy reference.

Thanks bro. I didn’t know you could add videos here.

Just paste the YouTube URL on a line by itself and it will expand into a video player when posting. It works the same as link previews for pages.

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