is it possible for mitsuko + 20 to lose to someone who is level 28 or have the developers set up that the team where mitsuko is must lose

It is very possible…

Everything is possible with the right board. :laughing:

I think the developers are setting up the system for those who give money, so that they can win at any time with any team. I don’t give them money and I don’t even think about paying anything in this game

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Minus your vague observations, where are you coming up with that statement? The game relies on RNG, a team of Dawas could theoretically beat a maxed team with emblems.

I can’t say for sure about this spend lots of money to get great boards, method.

But I can say, conclusively…
After extensive testing:

That playing this game while standing on your head, wearing absolutely nothing but a sock on your wang and a pair of those googley-eyed glasses on springs, while breathing through a tube which has a perforated jalapeño stuffed into the other end and also holding lit candles between your toes, also doesn’t work…

Terrible boards… and need of a fire extinguisher afterwards.


If just mitz is in your defense then yeah probably

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