Misunderstanding message


There are some post in foreign languages and some allys ask me the same question.
What does this message means?

Time to translate…
Remove from the queue?
If you remove an item from the queue, You won’t get totally back the resources you have used!

So, the word “totally” confuses people because you understand you’ll get back some resources.

But in english is very different

Time to translate…
¿Remover de la cola?
Tus almacenes no tienen suficiente espacio. Si quitas un objeto de la cola ninguno de los recursos usados podrán recuperarse.


The English version is correct - if you remove recruits and food from your training queue without having the necessary storage space for BOTH - you will lose the recruits and the food.


I know the english version is correct.

The spanish one is confusing.

It’s wrong and have to be rewrite.


Then I suggest you submit a ticket to support and give them a suggestion for a better translation.


As it can be hard to find, I’ll just add a link to the form where you submit support requests: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thanks. I sent it yesterday.

Hope SG changes the text.


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