Mistfit Toys & Mystic Meadows - Full Rosters or Bust!

Misfit Toys and Mystic Meadows are both on a mission to grow and fill our rosters, whether by accepting individuals or merging with another alliance (or two). We’re flexible and open to discussing possibilities.

We are looking for active players who know what they’re doing and who enjoy friendly chats about the game, cats, cake and life.

We are casual and competitive and maintain a comfortable and fun interactive environment. We follow the same basics as most others… Hit the titan. Wars optional, but use all flags if opted in. Line use is required. This is how we share information, strategies, cat photos and memes. :smiley_cat:

Alliances with similar values and a commitment to maintaining a positive gaming experience are welcome. We believe “right fit” is important, so will want to chat about potential merge ideas or details in our dedicated and furnished (merge) board room on line.

If interested, please contact via line:
Ice Saber at saberofempires
Rook at chibipotato16

Must love :heart: cakes… And cats!!
(other critters also welcome)

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Misfit Toys
TP = 4000+
30 maxed 4*/5* heroes
No Douches!

Mystic Meadows
TP = 3800+
30 maxed heroes
Family friendly

Line use required.

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If anyone is looking for a laid back but yet informative alliance, I HIGHLY recommend checking this group out
You won’t find nicer people


Hey, Page! Hope all is well with you. Missing you already.


:snowflake: :crossed_swords:

All is well. Hanging out in my solo alliance and just taking a break. I may very well be back at some point but this was needed.
Tell everyone I said hello…even Agony lol

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