Mistake - Ignore

Deleted original post which was a result of me having a momentary loss of reason… no idea why I thought it wasn’t possible.

If you have nothing better to do with your time, click the edit button to see what was there and have a laugh. As it is, don’t want to waste people’s time.


you dont have to make the chois to se what it will take to make it.

If you don’t whant to make it press red X and you are going out whitout makeing it.
This screenshot whas a bad exsampel since I cant make it anyway, but the point is red X to chancel the order.


I’d like to be able to view what crafting/training while something is in process


Maybe it had been an ideea to make a “popup” picture of what needed to craft or train when you press picture of item. Like you can do whit heroes in raid

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Thanks @Graffn

Honestly don’t know why I thought I couldn’t preview. I know I’ve been in the situation a number of times where I was wanting to see the craft materials needed, but a craft was in flight that I would have to cancel… must have been pressing on Craft on auto-pilot.

I’ll put it down to momentary loss of reason…

Sorry to waste your time.

Yes… previewing while craft is in progress would be nice, but wouldn’t push to trouble the devs for it.

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