Mistake for update to unbalance and unfair

After the update. How were we update the system in raid. Why we made modified the enemy to attack the hero dead in two time (1400 to 0 for attacked by enemy in second turn).

That’s gibberish

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That is’t gibberish if that had been hacked the system by anyway to win the game e.g. hack to increase gem for easy win.

If you are accusing the game of hacking or cheating, that is a serious accusation that the game does not take lightly.

By all means provide your evidence, or stop making unsubstantiated accusations. Thank you.



I think you mistake me that I hack this game. I never hack the game. It is impossible the lower level players got 5heroes and full level that possible to hack gems for change 5% to got 5hero.
I play this game until level 40 that I never got 5*heroes when use token or storage gems.

You should create trouble ticket. Also posting some printscreens will be good

5* is possible (used 300 gems). But it’s like winning the lotto.
It’s my only 5* next to bane and ganju (summon tokens)

I used 2600 gems I whenever

never got 5* heroes.

sounds like normal summon rate. unless you’re scoring hotm its pretty rare to score a 5*

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Oh yes, it is possible… :slight_smile:
Master Lepus, Azlar and 2 HOTM - Aeron and Delilah.
Single 300 pulls except Aeron. That was bonus draw from my only 1x10 pull.

the very first hero i got from the epic hero token from the starter pack was richard, a 5star. So i had one at player level 3 or whatever. I clearly must have cheated.

EDIT - my next heroes from the gems form the starter pack were Chao, Melendor, Boldtusk, and Tibertus. So that lineup at probably player level 6. again cheating!!

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Dante, you admit to playing poker…with your luck at drawing, why in freakin’ Hades are you here?

Because in order to play poker, you have to spend a lot of time with poker players. No. just No.

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I wasn’t accusing you of hacking or cheating. Your initial post made it sound like you were making that accusation of the game.

I have run into many many players who have had a lucky roll and received _______ (fill in the blank). You yourself have WuKong who I have been trying to get for over a year! :grin:

I agree that getting a 5* “right off the bat” is like winning the lottery…but people still win the lottery. :wink:

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I have more chance to win the lottery than to draw a 4*. Not even talking about 5*…
Spend money on this game and got me NOTHING in return… all 3* heroes…
In my opninion luck hasn’t got sh*t to do with this…

I’m sorry you are having this experience! :confused:

May I point you toward the Training Camp level 20 which is 100% free? I have received one 5* and eleven 4* so far, even with my notoriously terrible luck. Yes you will get a lot of 3* (roughly 75% over time), but every hero is gem-free. :slight_smile:

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