Mist vs Vivica

Tough question. I just got my first Vivica and I also just completely ascended Mist. Mist’s special makes her great in situations where you need to prevent buffs from specials, but Vivica has has the healing aspect. My question here is who would be best to apply the emblems to? I know old guides point to Vivica, but they were created before S3 heroes were even announced. I only have 214 (would have more by the time Vivica is ascended), so I could emblem Mist to +9 or Vivica to +4. Thoughts?

Is Vivica Fully Ascended?
Do you have the mats to fully ascend vivica?

If Vivica is a long way off being maxed, emblem Mist… No point waiting ages and ages when you could be getting good use out of Mist.

Long term I would personally probably still emblem Mist over Vivica… Primarily because I think she’s more useful/ versatile than Vivica is (exception is Vivica Costume)…

I just got Viv today, so she’s 1/1 and I do have the mats to take her all the way, just not the feeders right now.

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Ok so shes like 1 to 1.5 months away from being maxed out then?

I would go with Mist… Can always reset her later if you want to transfer emblems,


Also Mist+20 (Def path) and Viv (no emblems) gives a team two viable 5* equivalents where as Mist without emblems and Viv with gives you just one truly viable high diamond hero


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