Mist Special not blocking Rigard Costume buffs in War

Hi, I just used Mist in a recent war attack to counter a costumed rigard, but twice when Mist’s special was active on Rigard, he fired his special only for both the HoT and attack buff to appear on him.

Defence team only had Khagan (left wing) and Costumed Rigard (right wing) alive when this happened, so there were no blinds, cleanses or anything else in play and Mist’s debuffs were definitely showing on Rigard when he cast his special both times.

Having read the order of Costumed Rigard’s card, he cleanses after he applies the HoT and attack buff, so Mist should have blocked these from appearing on him, but not Khagan. As it was, both times, both defensive heroes received Rigard’s buffs.

Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots as I was too focused on winning the fight, but having tried to recreate the issue in a raid just now, Mist successfully blocked Rigard’s buffs when he cast his special, so this appears to just be an issue in Alliance Wars.

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Ok I will just fire this one bullet, otherwise its a bug.

Was rigards HoT active before? Mist doesnt clean, maybe it looked like he got the HoT, but he had it all the time?
Was the war on field aid attack boost? Maybe you misinterpreted the buff from field aid with rigards attack buff?

Heya Enni, HoT definitely wasn’t active before Mist cast. First time I thought maybe I’d just missed Mist’s special running out or something but second time I cast it it was definitely still active, I charged tiles into Rig to max out his mana and make him fire his special, only for the HoT and Attack buffs to appear on both him and Khagan.

It’s correct that they appear on Khagan as he was on opposite wing and Mist only blocks target and nearby enemies, but Rigard shouldn’t have gained the buffs. It was a field aid war, but it wasn’t the field aid going off, it was Rigard’s special. I charged him up purposefully to fire his special before Mists block wore off, plus the buff icons appeared.

Seems to be a bug as far as I can tell.

Yes seems to be…

Costumed rigard as a ranger does have pierce as talent. Maybe his buffs “bypassed” mists special. But that isnt said in the description of “pierce” and shouldnt work in this case.

Sorry that i couldn’t really help. I will try to have an eye on it when I get the chance.

I think it is NOT a bug.
C. Rigard first cleanse the entire party, than apply regenerate. So this is why he can use regeneration AFTER myst ability.
So… first of all the entire party will not have anymore the myst malus. After that Rigard apply the regenation without any limitation since he was able to perform the cleanse and no ally has anymore the myst malus.

The only way to prevent this is to use an actual mana suppressor (like Merlin) or a silencer (like Miki)

As per hero card cleanse seems to be applied at the end. :thinking:

@Phobos, as @MrThala says, and as I put in the first post, the order on his card is that C. Rigard applies cleanse after the buffs, so the buffs should have been blocked by Mist’s special, but then cleansed at the end.

I tried to recreate this in a raid and that’s exactly what happened - no HoT or attack buff, but Mist’s debuffs were removed.

Yes, definitely first is hot, then attackbuff, and cleanse to the end.

The only hero i know right now that first has cleanse is kageburado. Thats what makes him totally cool IMO

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