Mist or Inari - who first?

My son has pulled Mist and Inari in the last week. Which would you level first? He already has Guardian Owl at 3/70 so he already has another Holy 5* waiting for materials…

Go with Mist. If he doesn’t have the AM’s for 1-5* it’s probably better to work on 4* as they will help him get the AM’s necessary to max his 5*


Exactly that. Better to have one 4* at 4.70, fully usable and able to receive emblems, than 2 x 5* languishing at 3.70. She’ll get there quicker too. So even if he’s stuck without orbs as well as darts, may as well make a start on Mist.


Go with Mist, he’ll finish her a lot quicker. Then go with Inari, leave Owl at 3/70.


What’s up BD? I got a Mist too and can’t wait to level her, she looks boss af (finishing off Jackal first). I’ve seen Inari turn around so many fights though… it’s a tough call. Mist would at least level faster, I suppose.

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Hey Dispo! I’m going to have him go with Mist - she just looks fun and y’all are right - may as well get one of the "big 3 Holy’ leveled up!


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