Mist not stacking

After testing it how you asked its apparent that the issue is when the third debuff is added…because mist does stack with both of the others debuffs when only mist and ONE other is applied.




You are right, it seems the maximum number stack is 2. Is this intended @Guvnor?

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I have asked SGG to look at the thread and hopefully reply. I’ve been silently tracking it all day and am interested in the response.


There is no difference, because the formula for calculating the defense of a hero has a cap value…
All status ailments can’t bring the defense below a certain value of x%, which is estimated to be somewhere between 30% and 35%.

So rough estimate:
When you use Jackal + Viv def down you have already reached the cap value and any further def down doesn’t change anything

Generally speaking: those three effects do stack, but the effect is capped

If that would be the case, the symbols wouldn’t pop up, but eliminate themselves…

It is just that with 0.54 + 0.34 you have reduced the defense to 31% of the starting value and with the cap of maximum def down any further effect doesn’t change anything

That is not how the math should work considering that they reduce different type of defense.

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Awesome, thanks for the reply. Also thanks everyone for the feedback. Hope we can get to the bottom of whats going on

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Thanks for the report, I have now escalated this to our developers to check.

Update: this should be working as intended.


So all 3 arent supposed to stack?

ok, i should have precisely said:

the enemies have a def down of 34% against all colors but yellow without Mist

against yellow their def down is 69% without Mist

so if you add the Mist effect -34% special it would increase the def down to 80% against yellow; but!!! the max def down is capped at 70% (65-70 in that region seems to be the actual value) there isn’t a noticeable change after Mist’s effect

But for all other colors the def down against special skills will rise (34% + 34% = 56% def down)

so, all def downs work together, but the effect just disappears because you have a guaranteed minimum value of defense and adding additional stacks has no use

they do but the maximum possible effect of stacking def downs is capped, so it doesn’t make any difference (maybe 1%) if you use Mist or not

Ok that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification

I have Malosi and Mist. So getting the Jackel would be overkill ? Mist defense down for specials is more generic because Jackels elemental defense works only for yellow. That would be a great news for combo Mist and a Ramming Pulverizer hero because both defense down stacks and every sniper is usefull.

Basically what ive gathered is…theres a hard cap on how much the enemies defense can be reduced…and by the gifs i posted you can see that no matter which two were paired all of the damage was pretty similar. In your case youre talking about using malosi and another hero…either jackal or mist…jackal will give the better tile damage and hes also very fast mana like malosi…so youre going to give yourself better odds of getting both off at the same time…without the right troops, youd end up having malosi charged and having to wait for mist to charge…but mist has the mana control element going for her and also youre giving a boost to all your heroes specials not just your holy heroes…but with jackal youre helping special damage and tile damage…they both have their reason for use…i use both a good bit…great heroes

Where is this number come from?

honestly, I was absolutely sure that it came from the damage calculation from @Gryphonknight thread in which you also took part…
but I couldn’t locate it and saw that Gryph talked about soft attack cap.

Maybe it is in another thread here that’s why I tagged Gryph or it was in one of the other data mining LINE groups, but I cannot find it anymore.

Still remember that it was quite logically demonstrated that a cap at the defense exists.

@Kaenguru Were you talking about that post maybe:

I was researching this in the forum, and came across this post which @Guvnor recently quoted in another thread. If that was what you were refering to, than there is no actual cap…

I was thinking if I actually should level up my Cheshire Cat for titans (instead of Tibs). If there was a cap, it shouldn’t make a difference…

@yelnats_24 might be interested as well!?

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Unquantified but confirmed tempering of the damage :thinking:

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