Mist not stacking

So we all know elemental defense downers and regular defense downers stack. However even though Mist special defense downer negative buff symbol appears… when i cast viv, jackal, mist and then hit with joons special the damage does not increase from when i just use viv and jackal and hit with joons special…its known that damage varies from hit to hit but in the trials i ran, there was actually 6 less damage when all 3 buffs (viv costume, jackal, mist) were cast vs just viv and jackal which basically means her buff didnt stack. I can do this again and upload the vids, but ive got the SS

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As far as I know, specials only take one (the highest) def down into consideration. In your case that would be Jackal’s elemental def down. That’s why the damage on both screenshots is almost identical - they both have Jackal’s elemental def down. :slight_smile:

The stacking of def downs only works for tile damage. :slight_smile:


That sucks if true. Thanks for the info though

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Yes, see here: Why use Def Down Elemental and Def Down Normal in one team?

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Pretty sure that is incorrect, as having Mist up together with Grimm causes my Magni to hit for 1400 compared to 1000 with just Grimm.

However, it must be noted that the stacking is multiplicative - when you add a third debuff, the difference between 2 and 3 is likely around ~10% in absolute terms - so if you lowroll the special damage, it likely may be less than the highroll damage with 2 stacks.

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No debuffs:

Just Mist:

Just Tiburtus:



Thanks for pointing to this discussion, @Aquaginera_7DD. I never noticed that def downs don’t stack for specials.! :smiley:

They do stack though! At least special def down with normal def down.

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Could that be a bug in the formula? Or is it intended like that?

Then why is there no big difference between viv+jackal and viv+jackal+mist? If you are right, viv and mist stacks. Then why are they almost same? I’m really curious. Let me have a chance to know. Thanks in advance.

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May be special def down is different?

Because the discussion pointed by @Aquaginera_7DD is related to the stacking of elemental debuff and regular def down.

I know for certain that elemental and reg defense downs stack…i can record vids of all to show exactly what im talking about, but my issue is that the damage from joons special doesnt change after mist is added

Just Joon

Joon + Jackal



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Yeah. That is the issue here, and I’m curious about what’s happening here, too.

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Exactly…its just when you add all three debuffs together mist special debuff seems to do nothing

My vids show thats not the case. It applies both vivs and jackals

So it seems elemental defense down stack with regular defense down. But special defense down do not stack with them? Is this intended @mhalttu?

Do you have Joon+Jackal+Mist and Joon+Viv+Mist?

After testing it how you asked its apparent that the issue is when the third debuff is added…because mist does stack with both of the others debuffs when only mist and ONE other is applied.




You are right, it seems the maximum number stack is 2. Is this intended @Guvnor?

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I have asked SGG to look at the thread and hopefully reply. I’ve been silently tracking it all day and am interested in the response.


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