Missons idea – heroes and ascension mats tied to player level

Hi all,

A lot of complaints can be seen at this forum.
Main that ascension materials and heros are hard to get.
Another complaint is that everything is completely random.

I think that missions part is not at all used for these purposes, and it could be. Mission part is also really boring after first few months of playing. Nothing is really happening.

Mission reach lvl 2 (you get one 1*) hero
Mission reach lvl 10 (you get one 2*) hero
Mission reach lvl 20 (you get one 3*) hero
Mission reach lvl 30 (you get one 4*) hero
Mission reach lvl 40 (you get one 5*) hero
Mission reach lvl 50 (you get one HOTM) hero.

Mission reach lvl 5 (you get AM **)
Mission reach lvl 15 (you get AM ***)
Mission reach lvl 25 (you get AM ***)
Mission reach lvl 35 (you get AM ****)
Mission reach lvl 45 (you get set of 6 AM ****)

This could be also made in way that you need to beat certain stages on maps.
And to avoid randomness this could be also made in such a way you can choose hero and AM that you like.

Your opinions.

Here’s a related idea, linking to make the connection in the forum search:

thanks not aware of this, missions are really boring

Yeah, they do seem pretty unrewarding and uninteresting once you’ve gotten the early ones out of the way. I don’t really even pay attention to them at this point.

nobody does :slight_smile: . 20 characters

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