Missions with guaranteed rewards

There is a growing trend of frustrations with randomly generated rewards. You can grind all you want, but because of the RNG, the game “owes you nothing”. How about missions where the reward makes sense given the challenge.

  • Defeat 10 blue titans, get warm cape (color matching 3* mat).
  • Defeat 20 blue titans, get telescope (color matching 4* mat).
  • Defeat any 15 titans, get compass (or gloves).
  • Gain 500 points in wars, get a trainer hero.
  • Pull 100 Epic Troops, get a 4* troop of your choosing.

You get the idea, you grind, and in the end, you know what you’re getting instead of battling a titan, throwing harpoons and chugging flasks, only to get stuck with wooden swords, a backpack, and a paper towel “because RNG”. Think about it, would you work at your job if your paycheck was randomly generated? I think it would make sense to reward hard work and dedication by offering known rewards.

They kinda already have this in the form of the Rare Quests which roll around every ~10 days (i.e. 60 days between quests)… Which is about the time it would take to defeat 10 of {x} titans (assuming even RNG appearance of colours).

Not a “mission” per se but it is a guaranteed reward (should you complete the quest obviously)

This is moving into the realms of a Pity Timer/ Counter for summons:


Rare quests are good, but they are so far and few in between. In the meantime, we hunt titans every day, and oftentimes, the rewards leave a lot to be desired.


This is not a new trend lol

Hmm as I said, I think you’ll find that the Rare Quests appear more often than killing 10x of the same colour titan.

If we assume an even RNG distribution of colours (which it’s not likely to be… but hey!) You effectively need 50x Titan kills to get 10x kills of each colour (for the 3* ascension material).

Titans appear at a rate of 1/23 hrs so it would be a MINIMUM of 47.92 days (assuming you never let a titan escape)… More likely you’re releasing the odd titan:

Titans Killed Titans Escaped Ratio # Days to get 50 kills
50 2 96% 49 days
50 5 90% 52 days
50 10 80% 57.5 days
50 25 66% 71.9 days

note, the last entry (66%) is the kill rate needed to successfully complete the PoV Titan Challenge without any “mercing”

Bearing in mind that the time-frame doubles if you’re going for the 20x kills of {x} colour in order to get the proposed 4* material quest.

Edit: Not shutting down or dismissing your idea; just pointing out that something (similar) already exists :slight_smile:

  1. I’m not suggesting we replace it, I’m suggesting we add it. Have it kind of like resetting counter, similar to Mission: Wanted.
  2. By the time you defeat 50 titans (provided equal distribution of colors), you have a 3* non-farmable mat for each color. Double that, and you have 2 3* and 1 4* mat for each color, and about 6 compass/gloves mats…rates don’t matter, whatever they think is fair. My main point is to have more rewards that are known and less reliance on dumb luck.

Didn’t say it was new.

Sounds good to me. Currently when it comes to unfarmables, I just wait around for the right quest to pop for the stuff I need, because currently there’s no way to know if or when I’ll ever find the stuff anywhere else.


Actually having a sperate titan colour chest wouldn’t be a bad idea, as will take time to defeat x amount of that colour and wouldn’t really hurt any player base or the company in losing cash

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