🏜️ Missions – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

Did ten runs of the stages in province 13. Average avatar progress per run.

Stage Mummies Scarabs
13-1 5.5
13-2 4.1 1.0
13-3 1.0
13-4 5.1
13-5 3.3 1.0
13-6 1.0
13-7 6.8
13-8 1.0
13-9 5.7
13-10 1.0

13-7 looks best for mummies, but it’s probably best to start with 13-2 to get both Mummies and Scarabs.

@Zartanis FYI Scarabs are in 13-3 not 13-4


Under the new bosses 14-6 is marked purple and that’s not correct :wink:

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Ah thank you @Ruskin505, got a little ahead of myself. This has been fixed in my previous post. @HarryDeB this one is a little buried in the info, but this stage has the jackals so I matched those up. :slight_smile: I did change the color to match with the jackals.


Great work, but want to add in 12-1,3,4,6,8,9,10 for the Ominous Scarabs. That makes it nice to combine with Falcon jars at 12-4,6,8,9.

Edit: With 12-6 probably being the best to farm that combo. But you do need to complete Province 12 to unlock the new missions.


I will add this to my next update, thank you for this @Quinn3.


Thanks for keeping this updated! It’s pretty obvious why we get duplicate posts, I tried to search for this on forums but didn’t have the word missions, and wouldn’t show in forum search results, but on Google it could find this post as the top result with the same wording (plus empires and puzzles).


For the record, you can search the tags for missions and this topic will come up. I find that using the tags to search helps a lot, specifically if you are looking for beta-beat information.

Yes have to have the exact word used here, I was not thinking of missions this morning, more of farming / portraits and couldn’t find the post at all with forum search 3 different ways but could first try on Google.

If you know the exact word used searching here works, but if the word is only repeated in the body of text it doesn’t seem to show up.

Been on holiday so a bit late starting these missions lol.

My findings in the Table below. Essentially 13-2 until the Scarab mission is over, an extra wave means more mummies on average, and it doesn’t have the special stage properties (unlike 13-5). Once that’s over 13-7 is probably best with 4 waves including 2 guaranteed on the boss wave. However, if you’re struggling to autoplay that, 13-4 doesn’t have the special stage properties (which will make it a bit easier to complete) and also has 4 waves (although no mummies on the boss wave).

I’m probably not going to keep a log to update the Table any further for these avatars as I think my course is fairly clear.

Level Runs Wandering Mummies Ave. Ominous Scarabs Waves Guarenteed on Boss Wave
13-1 3 18 6.0 - 3 2
13-2 20 101 5.1 Yes 4 0
13-4 3 21 7.0 - 4 0
13-5 10 34 3.4 Yes 3 0
13-7 3 22 7.3 - 4 2
13-9 3 18 6.0 - 3 2