🏜️ Missions – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

Does anyone have sheets/data to say where is best in S5 to farm for certain items?
I am in huge need of Large Bones so I can just make minor mana pots :rofl:

Anywhere in province 5

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Here is some community farming data on S3, S4 and S5 (props to @J_3ezy for leading/collecting this): Season 3 (Prov 16H - 36H), Season 4 & Season 5 Best Level to farm [Data Driven]

For the Large Bone it suggests (at normal difficulty) 1-6, 5-7 and 31-10 are best (it lists the same number for all 3 of those). If you tap on the Large Bone itself in inventory, it says there is an increased chance for them in S5 provinces 5 and 20, I think based on both of those things I’d give 5-7 a go.


Does anyone have information on which stages are currently the best for getting an “elemental chest”?

There’s a graphic in the OP on this thread which should help :slight_smile: Be sure to bookmark it for future reference! :heart:


Thank you @cap for the Saraps change (not on 17-1). Updated graphic below:


May I ask if I can get the avatar of Boss X (killing 115 Sphinx) though not in Mission yet?

Not, you need to complete the missions in order. Missions start counting only once you unlock them, they don’t count the enemy or boss killed before that.