🏜️ Missions – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

I ground out acolytes on 17-2 using autoplay with shen and was scepter. I found I finished acolytes with 15 amulet still reqd so going to do 5 more, leave the next 10 for 19N when it opens then farm elsewhere

Auto farmed 17-2N with the shen and scarab amulet and my strong auto farm team: Freya, Kiril, Athena, Onatel, Delilah

Same, I autofarmed 17-2 N with Shen/Scarab
White Rabbit* - Gosek - Mielikki - Mr. Pengi - Junaid

I finished the Scarab amulet mission yesterday, and am really happy - now I can ditch the Scarab for the Was Scepter again :stuck_out_tongue:

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i left 10 of the scarab amulet to do because it’ll take 10 stages of the new provinces to get the new amulet and i’m already done with the avatars, so i’m sitting at 135. but yeah, i don’t find the scarab amulet to be useful at all, so i’ll be glad to be done with it.

I find both the Shen and Was amulets quite useful, so it’ll be interesting to see which one pairs up the best with the new amulet. I used Shen with the scarab, it just generally made things easier for the farming stages. Do we know what the new one will be? is it in the beta beat somewhere?

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@Sam-I-Am yup they have their own thread :slight_smile:

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omg, the next one is even worse than the scarab! but i don’t think it will matter much as long as the enemies don’t get crazy hard.

the one after doesn’t seem so bad, except, well, you’ll be forced into rainbow for what, 175 stages? that will be… interesting, for sure. team selection will start to really matter.

Shen/Was probably the best combo, although what’s the last one? i guess we’ll find out soon enough! :thinking:

Thx for the link.
I forgot to update the OP there with the V51 balance updates, which is now fixed :slight_smile:

my pleasure @PlayForFun , you already do so much so glad it helped a bit!

@Sam-I-Am I agree, I am not so hot about an amulet that only has benefits when heroes die… as for the rainbow one, I guess I can live with it especially for autoplay purposes… :stuck_out_tongue: though not so hot about the riposte, especially if it does not stack with better riposte skills like Azmia’s or Ferant’s!

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Thanks for the link … I didn’t realize we already knew the next two amulets. I guess I’ll be keeping Shen as my main constant with the second slot for whatever mission I’m on. The revive one seems a little useless, but I like the rainbow/atk up/riposte which will probably be my 2nd mainstay since I run a rainbow farm team, once I get it. That works well since we unlock the 3rd slot before the last amulet. I guess before I do the last amulet mission, I’d use the Tjet amulet for the 3rd slot in the interim as extra mana is always good.


yeah, my dream combo is Tjet for mana. Shen for ailment reflect, and probably Was for extra special skill damage


I think I’ll do rainbow team with Tjet, Shen and Crystal Benben.


  • Shen > Tjet > all
  • Crystal Benben > Was Sceptre > Scarab
  • Djed, Udjat Eye and Ankh = almost useless

I didn’t think i’d change from the hippo avatar for a while, but yesterday I switched to the acolyte avatar and got a couple of compliments on it. i thought about getting a background for it. the sand empire one in the shop today goes well:


almost like EnP goes to Tatooine. The yellow sunburst yesterday looked pretty good too. it matched the yellowish coloring of the avatar really well.

imo, the Dunes avatars are nicer than most of the Atlantis and Valhalla ones (with a couple notable exceptions) and pretty much all of the Underwild ones. curious to see what’s up next! :grin:


agree. Dunes was the first time I decided to change my avatar! (Corrupt Undead Maus)


There doesn’t seem to be much difference between 15-3 & 17-2 for acolytes only, so far as I can tell…

Level Runs Desert Acolyte Ave. Waves Boss Wave
15-3 10 67 6.7 4 2
15-6 3 6 2.0 3 0
15-8 10 60 6.0 4 2
15-9 3 8 2.7 3 0
17-1 3 10 3.3 3 0
17-2 10 69 6.9 4 2
17-6 10 55 5.5 4 0
17-8 10 53 5.3 4 0
17-9 3 14 4.7 3 2

Anybody know where that Green Zombie Dog
is located in Season IV?

I want that Zombie Dog :rofl:

They are located in Season V.A
You can found the list of stages here:

You can zoom in to the relevant section:



@Dudeious.Maximus should this be merged with :desert: Missions – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)?


Thank you very much!!!

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Here are the new avatar missions, and previews of the new avatars