🕵 Missions – Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild)

I guess it all depends on your progression, so that’s why I asked. I only have the wisp avatar mission left on S3, so I work on that during VF, or when the daily PoV needs S3 maps like today. Chances are I will be completed that mission on next VF. As for S4, it is my lowest priority, so it won’t be for another week or so before I complete the latest maps in normal and hard.

But I was at a similar situation as you when S4 opened, so I did approach it similarly.

Now that I’m here this is a fantastic level!

Perhaps we’ll get a better underwater stage but this is well reasoned and the plan I’m adopting.

Anyone from beta know when this province ends?


I went back to farming 1-8-7 to get enough recruits to use all the backpacks I got from Atlantis. I now have 3 TC2 running full time to the next Atlantis.

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@jinbatsu, I think 20-7 is better. Waves of 4-5 monsters. It costs 8 WE but you can fill a chest spending no more than 56 WE when farming the 3 missions. When Underwater is done, shift to 21-5.



If anyone is interested on doing some farming runs on Season 4 to gather data to get to some relevant results that we can use for making the best decisions for farming, let me know. I have started this google doc and these are the results I managed to collect in the last couple of weeks:


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