📯 Missions – Season 3 (Valhalla)

For Fire Beetles, you can see this suggestion…

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I tried during team raid beta, Guili attack can be dispelled.

I have not started farming yet, but seems like heroes with minions is not a good choice, so how about bringing dispellers?

Dispellers for sure, but note that when Gulli’s self-buff is dispelled, it still does the damage. So if you’re actually playing, make sure to dispel it immediately, before it has a chance to grow. If autofarming, I guess just put your dispeller(s) on the left, so they fire before any hitters.

Think It does full damage if you dispell it tbh around 800 to each in maps and 450 to each in pvp.
So it’s best to block it heroes like Myst Onyx c Sabina or stop the mana gen and kill it before fires.

Depends when you dispel it. It doesn’t do full damage if it hasn’t been pumped up by hits yet.

Wow, just started farming 36-9 for wisps and war pigs and experienced the full might of gullinbursti’s 2600hp slash attack. I was using bera so assume her minions must have ramped up his attack to something godly. It’s easy enough to beat him if you are actually playing but what teams have people found effective for auto-farming? I have seshat but my other 5* purples (bera, clarissa, grimble and…myztero) aren’t obviously useful.


I’m still finishing the Alfheim missions but I’ve been mulling this over. I definitely feel you’d have to build a special team for this. I’m thinking overheal and chunky minions will be the way to survive autofarm.

So I’m going to try Noor, Freya, Heimdall Sif and Athena to start.

Hmmm, overheal yes but minions no - their hits will ramp up gulli’s atk - he just one-shotted a fully emblemed 5* with 3 bera minions (2600hp dmg). A few posts further up gregschen recommends a team with a 90% success rate - uses c sabina and hel to stop him receiving buffs/mana and garnet/sif for protection/riposte. I don’t have hel (or onyx) but do have c sabina and proteus+20 if he’s not too squishy. Dispel might be also useful I guess but I have seshat rather than domitia - thus creating the minion problem again. Interesting challenge - I don’t think I can bear to kill 2000 wisps by hand so hoping it has a solution.

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Seshat dispels three. A (dead) woman of many uses.

True, but her minions will still buff gulli if he happens to charge when you don’t have the dispel ready to fire (which, of course, is likely on auto-play). Not as bad as bera or freya minions, but i think domitia would be the better choice, despite the slower charge.

Loot tickets? lol. Yeah it’s a hell of a grind.

Oh, rats, I meant to edit that post, and then decided to delete it, and forgot I’d already posted it. That’s why it’s such an unhelpful comment. Sorry.

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lol whoops! Oh well. Gave me a chance to recommend domitia, which i don’t think i’ve done before, so… thanks?!

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Another self documentation post:
Elf and Moose avatars were easier than Muspelheim since we can farm them together. Took about 40 days to complete the missions. I mostly farmed 31-5.

For Wisps and Gullinbursti avatars I’m not sure yet if I’ll farm them together or rely on raids to kill Gullinbursti (since that will be much easier).

I probably won’t complete these ones as quickly since there is nothing waiting behind it.

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Yeah I’m still on the Alfheim missions, but I’ve decided I’m going to do all the S4 missions in priority, then when that’s cleared I’ll resume finishing S3 ones. This is how I did S2 with S3 on priority. Probably will be a few more months to do it all.

Nice we can count all Gullis everywhere for that mission !

Finished the Alfheim missions today and now beginning the 3 final missions in Asgard.

There’s no triple whammy level, so I’m starting off with the Special stage/Gulli missions at 36-4 which I can autofarm with my team (edit: nope!) Following that there’s 36-9 for Wisps/Gulli which is iffy to autofarm, but it’s only 160 plays to finish Gulli off. Then hopefully a lower wisp level can autofarm as well, since those 2000 will be the bulk of the work.

I noticed playing 36-9 it’s only 4 wisps which is super low compared to the 7 or so you can get of earlier enemies. Ugh. Definitely ready to be done with these missions, but on the bright side after these three I’ve done all the map based tasks for the game and so just keeping S4 current whenever it’s released will be simple


Tried a tweak and it seems to be working. I’m using both Gulli and Heimdall, alongside Alfrike, C Elena and Athena. Haven’t lost an autoplay yet, as generally by the boss stage I’m on full double health all around.


I’ve given up. Just going to loot ticket the 36-9 mission until it’s done. Then hopefully there’s a wisp level I can realistically auto play.

I’ve had to manually do 36-9. I can auto 34-3 but only after I ensure the first few moves set me up.

Where can I find Forest Trolls for mission defeat 50 forest trolls?


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