📯 Missions – Season 3 (Valhalla)

It’s real nice to have 3 more days each month for AR-type farming. For all people that are sad because there is no increased loot, I remind that on S1 8-7 you still get far less loot for the same amount of flags. So the real benefit is the reduced WE cost, which is nice and actually motivates me to reach S3 this time Atlantis Rises. Haven’t done it so far because of lack of motivation - it was far better farming S2 1-2 rather than advancing forward.

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Anyone finish last stage , can share boss ?

Take a look a this thread:


Useless rewards indeed, most useless in the game.

I just love how the Asgard special stage mission, is probably the easiest of the special stage missions… as the mobs can’t benefit from the Asgard mana bonus!


Same like Atlantis for normal and hard…

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Hey folks, I’ve updated the Barry Farmz Here spreadsheet for the final set of missions for S3 avatars and special stages. (Same link as I always share, just a reminder)

The monster count data is kinda thin in the last provinces, so some of it could change a bit. I also haven’t double-checked everything; if you see any discrepancies where possible stages are missing or wrong stages are listed, PLEASE let me know. I think I identified the “useful” combined missions, but I know that there are a few I missed; if you are aware of any which are worth noting / farming, let me know and I’ll add them. I don’t consider combinations of non-adjacent realms to be of much use, certainly not more than a couple realms apart. While it is possible to finish monsters/bosses/special missions out of sync I don’t expect enough people to do so that these combos are useful.


Thanks so much for all your hard work to do this, and so soon after the end of S3! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome back @BarryWuzHere, hope all is now sorted in RL.

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Documenting this mostly for me…it took about two months to do the Muspelheim missions.

I changed my avatar for the first time since I can remember to the Lava Bomblet.

Now on to Alfheim. Although there are more of each monster to take down at least they appear in the same level so it should take less time. I’ll have to decide whether I want to spend Valhalla Forever farming these missions or optimizing on early stages. Do I want to finish more quickly or do the long term optimal farming? If I’m going for avatars I’ve already given up on the long term optimal strategy right?


I’ll always use rising/forever to clean up the avatar missions simply because my OCD demands that I clear out everything I can in that missions tab. The only reason to ascend level 10 of the advanced house is to clear that tab out and get a few gems lol


S3: 36-9
Gullinburstis and Wisps of Gold

Someone managed to run 36-9 in auto mode to get Gullinburstis and Wisps of Gold. What heroes did you use?

I haven’t found a combination that works every time, but this one worked about 90% of the time: Garnet, cSabina, Sif, Hel, Clarissa. (They’re all highly emblemed, FYI.)

Onyx would maybe be better than cSabina, but I don’t have him.

I usually do well with Posideon, Ariel, Heimdall, Gravemaker, Bera

Hello, can someone suggest a season 3 level for filling a fire chest? Thank you

Hey Evil. Numbers say 6-2


Bera’s no good on 36-9 though. Her minions would turn Gullinbursti into a giant monster after his special is active. His slash attacks hit for 2000+ damage on fully maxed/emblemed 5*s once his +atk is fully charged (and yes, that’s just on Normal mode!).

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