📯 Missions – Season 3 (Valhalla)

Darn. I am so behind with the Goo as I am still halfway there to get the avatar. Now new more avatars. I can already see the FIrebeetle but not the Bomblets.

I almost wish we won’t get new avatars… as the completionist in me wants them all, but of course each set becomes harder to get (more enemies need to be killed, and stages cost more World Energy too).

but considering there are 9 realms, it seems we will have 9x2 sets of avatars and 9 sets of special stage missions. Ah well.

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I use this step, and finally I still running 24-7 and did not reach ratio 1300:140.

So I think I will run 24-7 forever until Goos finish. :muscle: :+1:

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Oh nice, only 5 provinces left. 3 in November and 2 in December.
Really looking forward to the final boss. I wonder if it will be the same mechanic as Ursena, or if it will be similar but different… not long before we find out I guess :smiley:

I decided I am waiting for valhalla rising to finish the fire avatars it cost way to much WE and i need items for events…

No there will a middle one Asgard => 9th realm so provinces still to go and for final boss info read this


Save all ur tokens and gems to summon Hela :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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I got crazy and used my 1000 S3 coins and as S2 still no legendary heroes , I’m very unlucky in summons

Put a strict budget for monthly entertainment spending otherwise u will be easily turned into a cow that can be milked until u run out of it.


Yeah :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Asgard appears now


Wow I am blind. I saw the “pulsating” part on the corner of my screen (that pinkish purple) but didn’t scroll up and look lol.
Thanks, wow I am an idiot. I just focus on completing the 3 new ones

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Best place to farm Lava Bomblets?

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Goos + Teak

Lava Bomblets + Firebeetles

  1. Finish normal and hard mode
  2. Special stage + Lava: 27-6N or 27-8N (boss wave +2 Lava)

Currently there is no map stage for both Lava and Firebettles, maybe next month, because it still in the area Lava on maps. So I think after Special stage finished, I will pause/hold and wait for this mission avatar.


@cobaltmdn see @Rfm’s post for where to farm. Thanks for all the great (and timely!) details on where to go @Rfm! I have no proof to substantiate this but I’ve been using 27-1 lately for bomblets instead of 25-1. It’s 1 more WE but I feel like more drop for me there, it’s probably not true at all haha.

Curious what people think - since Season 2 went up to 250 Gadeirus and these have been going up in increments of 25…do you think we’re going to get 2 more avatar missions, one for 225 and one for 250?

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I think there will be nine sets of missions (mob avatar + boss avatar + special stage) for each of the nine realms of Valhalla… so yeah :slight_smile: two more sets after these ones.

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As i said my sample was 25 runs with tickets, i found the average mobs per run was about the same but at 1 more WE per lvl,
rng can be really tricky sometimes, specially with a really small sample as 25 runs is.

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No rewards for this though, right? I mean other than the Valhalla coins.
I think they put this up every time you complete the province before.

It’s gems actually for the special stages. I don’t remember how many, but the current one for Muspelhein in 15 gems.


Yes. I’m working on those. I thought your original post was regarding the “mission” at the top of your screen capture, not the special stage mission at the bottom. My apologies for misunderstanding.

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