📯 Missions – Season 3 (Valhalla)

I have been using 18-2 to fill both Masks & Dusk Sprites. So far it’s keeping on pace with each other (am 50/150 sprites & 480/1200 masks).

Masks are slightly elevated as I am also doing 19-6 for Masks/ Special Stage overlap.

Is it correctly understood, that this part of the game is unlocked, once you complete province 15 in season 2? :slightly_smiling_face: How difficult would you say it is?

Just did a whopping 2 runs on 21-7. 13 and 14 total monsters respectively (or 12 and 13 non Sprites). None of the waves included 5 monsters like 18-2. So I’m seeing less monsters and more world energy. I’ll be using 18-2 to complete these missions.

It’s difficult enough for me that I don’t autoplay any of these levels. I generally use three 4 star heroes with 18 emblems each and then two 5 star heroes with 7 emblems each. Hard is harder, but I haven’t found anything up through Province 21 to be particularly challenging. I bring revive scrolls, minor mana pots, and antidotes because they’re all relatively cheap, but I rarely use them.

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Thought my last quest (S3:13-3N) was going to be my last auto-farm but I’ve still been able to autofarm S3:18-2N fine. I take my strongest 5* rainbow team with Vivica so it’s slow, but convenient for completing during work.

Still able to get through Province 24H manually with no items, other than the rare minor mana pot for Vivica.

Aha, thank you for the responses! So my 3* team would most likely struggle, even if I managed to reach season 3. All in good time :slight_smile:

New avatars:


Missions for new avatars:
There isn’t any lvl released that has both beetles and bomblets(maybe in the closed province there is).
Based on That (25 runs with loot tickets):

Beetles 26.7 is the only lvl with 2 bosses so by far is the best for Beetles.

Bomblets 25.1 is the best lvl with average 7.8 mobs per run (0.97 mobs per WE).

Special LVL best Lvl 27.6 with average 6.1 Bomblets per run (0.68 mobs per WE).

My personal suggestion:
Finnish normal and hard mode first.
Farm 27.6 for special stages and Bomblets
Farm 25.1 for bomblets avatar
Farm 26.7 for beetles

Very likely there will be provices with Bomblets and Beetles in the closed province, unless someone wants to rush for the avatars, i recomend to farm until ~ 1300 Bomblets and 350 Beetles wait for the province release to get the cheaper ratio between energi/avatar.
From province 26 ON it’s 9 WE per lvl province 25 it’s 8WE per lvl.

Good hunts!


Is there a stage with goos. AND Teak. In thé 3 New area ?

20 no-no nos…


I have to admit, for me personally, I am finding these later provinces (these new 3 at least) much easier than previous ones.

I use cRigard / Tiburtus / Miki / Jott / cKiril

The majority of mobs + bosses are red/fire, so they die easily - I always make sure i set the board up ready to kill the bosses instantly with Jott + Miki tile damage.
There are some purple mobs, and some yellows but they are of no bother. The hardest or most annoying thing is the Elite Enemy stages, they have 5 waves, and it seems that on HARD mode, they are giving 4x per wave, which makes it difficult, as I can’t silence all of them with my miki.

But, the special stages are not too bad either, 64 damage per turn for every turn an enemy has low health… just be sure to kill them quickly one at a time. Simple.

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I was also pleasantly surprised to find that Aeron prevented the effects of the special stages burn damage :slight_smile: He comes along now most of the time, as he also combos well with my Lepus (preventing his self defense debuff)!

I find no mission for special stages…

you have to reach the 1st lvl with special stages to unlock it…
Unless you haven’t done the previous ones.

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I have done all but have not reach the level

Darn. I am so behind with the Goo as I am still halfway there to get the avatar. Now new more avatars. I can already see the FIrebeetle but not the Bomblets.

I almost wish we won’t get new avatars… as the completionist in me wants them all, but of course each set becomes harder to get (more enemies need to be killed, and stages cost more World Energy too).

but considering there are 9 realms, it seems we will have 9x2 sets of avatars and 9 sets of special stage missions. Ah well.

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I use this step, and finally I still running 24-7 and did not reach ratio 1300:140.

So I think I will run 24-7 forever until Goos finish. :muscle: :+1:

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Oh nice, only 5 provinces left. 3 in November and 2 in December.
Really looking forward to the final boss. I wonder if it will be the same mechanic as Ursena, or if it will be similar but different… not long before we find out I guess :smiley:

I decided I am waiting for valhalla rising to finish the fire avatars it cost way to much WE and i need items for events…

No there will a middle one Asgard => 9th realm so provinces still to go and for final boss info read this

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