Missions Impossible


So…Season 2 well not be completed by anybody…800 million food is a lot for a level 5 quest

To give you perspective…

If you never get looted and have all 9 foods at level 20 and the tower at 20, it would take 533 days of non-stop work collecting

If you don’t collect 14k an hour, on your tower, and just never miss the food and always can use it up, then you’re looking at 700 days lol

14/50 million iron for level 4 iron, I’ll let you know when I got level 5… Might take a while lol since I only make 350k iron per hour

Game will probably not be supported by then lol

Anyways, now you won’t be surprised lol


It’s 80 not 800 million; and what do the quest values have anything to do with Season 2 (which isn’t even on beta yet) anyway?

From the AMA they’re targeting S2 more towards the new or average player, rather than the high-end anyway.


I’d imagine the difficulty will continue to scale for Season 2. It was just mentioned that High end players will likely want more than just that for new content. Arien was the one that submitted the question on high end content. It’s players like that who have maxed just about every build in the game that are looking for something to do with their time and resources.


After you hit the 80 million mark, the goal is then 800 million lol

I meant mission, not quest


This might make better sense showing what I am saying


Titans V is 500 titans, lol.


That is going to take 2 years, considering that some titans will get away :open_mouth:


Oh wow lol lol that’s a lot of titans lol


But guys, guys, that probably gives like THIRTY gems! That’s 0.06 gem per titan.

[don’t actually know how much it gives, just poking fun, I’m still at 35 titans only]




■■■■, bullseye!


Changed the topic’s title to avoid confusion! And dang! a 10x jump in the amount of resources to farm for the next level? Yowza!


Yes, I had no idea what they were talking about 80 million or 800 million of anything related to Season 2 or maps. I mean the missions are just sort f a “nice bonus while playing the game”, rather than something to strive for, since it’s just a few gems here and there.


Missions are not story-specific, but item specific:

  • level up heroes
  • upgrade iron storage
  • expand your base (Stronghold)
  • summon heroes
  • victory in __ raids
  • collect food
  • upgrade watchtower

Etc etc etc


Yup, point is… Don’t buy gems to try to finish these missions (with flags/summons/upgrades) since there is no way you could reach the mission! :slight_smile:

But gems for other goals, like being better or the hotm


why would you ever buy gems to finish the missions? The whole point of the missions is to reward you with gems for things as you progress through the game.


Haha… Why do people (including me) buy gems for any of this? Lol
These are just all virtual goals… Lol but that’s beyond this conversation