Mission Rewards for Buildings unequal

Hi there,
the Mission rewards for Buildings are not equally.

The production Building for iron rewards 10 Diamonds for lvl 20, the production Building for Food rewards 30 Diamonds. Also the Forge only gives 10, while all other give 30.

Why are those two treated different than all the others?

That’s where the dart landed on the dart board. :smiley:


Most are 30 gems at the final level but, yeah, some are lower and there isn’t a consistent logic. Honestly these rewards are pathetically small anyways, so any changes should not merely make them consistent, but also make them worthwhile.

According to my list, iron mines and food farms equally give 30 gems:

Alas lvl 20 Forges only give 10. :wink:

Storage is 30 for me too. But Iron Mine gives only 10 while Farm gives 30 diamonds.

But I have to agree with @Wharflord the rewards are pathetic. I took me 6 month to get this building so far and I get 10 diamonds for it. It does not feel like the game/devs value the time you stay with the game. Even 30 diamonds are a joke compared to what you can do with it.

I dunno. I see it two ways:

  • Darn those evil Devs for not giving me more goodies!

  • Hmm, the Devs gave me free gems for playing the game. Woohoo!

I guess you can choose which version you prefer. :wink:

At least for me it is more complex than “something or nothing”. If the game states something as a reward, I want to recognize it as such. 10/30 diamonds as highest mission reward are at least for me no sign of valuation for the effort. Same goes for the completion of Season 1 (no-)reward. I have played other mobile games with heavy p2w/p2p models too and with every monthly/biweekly update they gave an equivalent of an epic hero summoning here. And really, what would the devs lose if they do so?

Don’t get me wrong, this game is fun and I like it. But the way rewards are handled here really bothers me.

I agree with you on the lack of Season 1 award. I’m hoping it’s rectified when they launch Season 2…but I don’t expect 300 free gems here and there. shrug

I thought it was a nice touch to get an epic hero token for delays in updates the other week. Not just because it got me my first 4 star hero. But it wasn’t expected. Its not all take.

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