Mission reward?

I just fulfilled the win 75 raids mission and it had it’s reward as

But it didn’t appear as if it gave me anything.
What’s up with that? Was i supposed to get a new character? I am confused

That reward is a new Avatar in your profile options. If u tap the ? It will show u which Avatar.

There is a bug on the mission reward for “Complete Special Stages Defeat 50 Poisen Mist Stages”
If you use multiple loot tickets, you still only get 1 win. For example I had defeated 19/50 mist stages. I used 3 loot tickets and my progress only showed 20/50. I tried it again using 2 loot tickets and again it only credited me with one win instead of 2. I only discovered this today but I know I have used loot tickets on mist stages in the past. The system correctly deducts the world energy and the correct number of tickets but does not give credit for the wins on the missions progress

Thank you. I thought it was a new character. Never thought to click it