Mission raids

There are many complaints about falling glasses, it is a problem. solutions are analyzed and I want to propose one, most of us only make inroads to fill the mission, why does not SG make attacks received, revenge, etc. count to fill chest? we would all be happier.

Its because it would have to access more of your account to relay more information. Servers would be very busy.

Revenge do count to fill your chest.

I don’t think attacks received should fill the chest. I really don’t see filling the chest as a big challenge and if received attacks counted that would leave us with less to do in the game.

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You must be good at raiding. For some of us it’s a huge headache and can take a day or more to fill. I think by revenge counting toward the chest ber meant when someone revenges you. I do agree though being attacked counting toward the chest filling wouldn’t be a good idea—and I hate raiding!

Have you checked out the threads here on raiding tips? They can really help you get better at it, so it’s less of a chore.