Mission raids IV

I am in platinum arena and the next mission raids IV for Quintus icon is to win 150 raids in diamond arena ! Please tell me it’s a bug :slight_smile:

Not a bug. Each new avatar has required an increasing number of wins in the next higher raid tier.
It’ll be a long time before I find out what the avatar for Raid V might be, assuming there is one.

A also thought like this at first. My team is 2x5* + 3x4* and I managed it to do the mission quite fast.
The problem was, that I lost too many trophys over night to stay in the diamond arena. The trick was to use potions to do more than 6 fights in a row. Later on I was astonished, that I made it to the top.100 (#22). But just for a short time.

thanks for replying but so far it was only raid with platinum. I see diamond team only once a week and I win only 1/10. it will took 10 years to complete this !!!

With your current team, perhaps. But your team will keep getting stronger.

There is no Raid V. :disappointed_relieved:

Darn, I was hoping it would be “win 200 raids while holding 3,000 trophies”. :wink:

Hey - it would be something to aspire to. And the reward avatar could be a big ‘Zero’.


I forgot to mention: compare it to “Mine Iron V” - this will take a lot of time - at least for me :slight_smile:

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It would be cooler that we decide the avatar we want among the heroes.

This way people have more customization, and it can help prevent cup dropping even more :slightly_smiling_face:


That would be cooler. But they’d only be able to give that away once, right? After that, there’d be no value to releasing any new avatars from the current hero stable.

Yes, they can make new avatars but probably top players stick with their new personal one :grin:

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