Mission monsters power level display / Recommended TP (Team Power) for Stages

I think it would be really helpful if for missions there could be a power level score displayed before you actually attack the monsters. Would be nice if you could try different hero builds and not have use same cards all the time and a general power base displayed for monsters would let you know if your just wasting world energy to proceed. Perhaps after clicking the map and selecting say stage 5, were it shows the monster lineups there could be a suggested power level.

Edited suggestion for easier explanation. Thanks

I’ve suggested and asked for this before. Can we get a suggest TP range or stats on monsters? I’m shocked that a standard minion on hard in Atlantis, green vs red (weak), could do 450 damage in a single hit.

Be nice before selecting attack to see the suggest TP range on initial screen.
Be nice to tap a monster and see atk/def stats as well.

Ty. couldnt find this post

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