Mission hero's not received

Hi when i completed missions on the bottom of the screen (piece of paper and feather pen) i did not receive my mystery hero this has happened twice

The reward is an avatar, not a hero.


Ok thank-you seems like a pretty crap reward

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LOL can you imagine, 125 wins in platinum and you can acquire the actual hero Domitia? If only…

But yeah, click on your picture in the top left of the screen and you will see the new avatars as an option.

Oh i get what you mean but i like my picture i do not want to look like fryer tuck lol

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LOL, search the forums and FB feeds you will see many players sharing your sentiment regarding the good Friar.

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Oh C’MON!! I’ve been using Friar Tuck avatar and it’s awesome!

I donno, I hear that Brobb is quite the strong Hero. :stuck_out_tongue:


exactly, who doesn’t love the drunken uncle avatar!



Y’all know me a little too well.

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Hi ! A frew minutes ago i summon with a coin, give me a red hero and before show me who the game crush, then i havent a new Hero, i go to barraks to get a new craft Hero, give a 2 stars red hero but beber go to inventory, i scared to keep wasting coins and loosing héroes, plz help me

Pawn, there is a way to lock your heroes so they cannot be lost / used:

  • click Heroes
  • click the hero card you want
  • click Favorite (upper left corner) to lock

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