Mission for mine giving not enough gems?

I have took my stronghold to level 20 and slowly make progress on the other buildings, which allows me to clear the Missions. I realized something weird - all the missions for getting particular building to level 20 give 30 gems, with an exception of the Mine - it only gives 10. Looks odd and unintentional - or perhaps I am missing something?

The mission reward for a level 20 forge is also 10 gems. They just vary.

My forge is only level 10 so I didn’t know that. Well it might be intentional, but if it is, it is inconsistent and makes little sense. These buildings are no less expensive than any other - and in fact, even more situational (maxing mines is not needed with the limited uses for iron; as for forge, I’ve been playing 4 months and fine with minor health, mana and arrows + axes; not competing at events anyway - and whoever is, probably has a maxed base already anyway).

Single 30 gems reward is still laughable for someone who don’t mind spending for gems (equivalent of how much, a quarter of Euro?). It’s the inconsistency that makes it feel like an ommission.

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I agree, the inconsistency is a bit odd. I’ve sort of assumed there was some logic that the buildings you’d be likely to upgrade with lower or higher priority are more/less rewarded, but even that seems pretty arbitrary.

I suppose given there could be no bonus at all it’s nice that there’s any reward for upgrading buildings you’d presumably upgrade eventually anyway. But I agree it would be less odd if they were consistent rewards.

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