Mission for a squad of heroes


can I suggest a mission for a squad of heroes?
Let me explain: every player have the possibility to form 3 teams of heroes, but only one or two (for defensive role) are used.
Another one can be used to search:
Food and/or iron
Experience for the heroes involved
The mission take time to be completed, like to build or upgrade structure, and can be set by the power of the squad used: more power, more time to complete it, better reward ~ low power, quick quest, little reward.
This shall be increase the number of heroes used and upgraded.


I like the idea! It reminds me of some games where you could allocate heroes to sort of ‘auto-farm’ a stage when you were away, the higher difficulty level of the stage - the better loot you got.

Do want to add that I use all 3 teams and often would like more than 3 alone (one for offensive raids, one for defense team, one for titans at least - would ideally have one more for other offensive set-up and one for testing things). So if this would take up one of my team slots I wouldn’t be a fan :slight_smile: