Mission flag


Can’t get rid of the #1 on mission banner on bottom of screen. Also wont let me click on season 2 when in mission’s. Devs can’t understand issue even with photos.


Have you scrolled down on mission list to make sure you don’t have one that you haven’t collected ?
As for season 2 that was disabled in the last update and as far as I am aware will only function with the new realeased part of s2 in a few days


Yes, nothing to collect .


i have the same issue. i completed 2 different season 2 hard stages using loot tickets. latter one of the stages had the poison fog, after which, my screen also shows that i have one mission to be collected, but when i open the mission list, there is nothing new to collect. i have done the visible season 2 missions earlier already (parrot and emperor butterfly) long time ago.


Made an account just to say the same thing is happening to me. I was hoping the newest update would fix it, but it did not.


Still having the dev’s work this issue. Perdi has this ticket now.


Hello All,

First and foremost I would like to thank Anh and Petri for assisting me with past gaming issues A #1 service and support.

I am a member of the Crypt Raiders! Ranked about 120 to 180 as an alliance. We all 30 members LOVE this game! I would like to say that war matching on the previous 2 wars before this last Saturday we were disastrously outmatched being put up against a # 8 and # 20 ranked teams. We had no chance to accomplish a victory , even with our bosses (CryptObsidian) amazing strategy. Also I would like to add that it put off for two weeks our team opting a war chest. We have been waiting patiently and fighting hard in wars to obtain items locked inside. No I see we are having a war break. Disappointing for sure. With that being said it brings me to my second issue. Ascension items…Where do I start. Many players in the Empires and Puzzles family have toned down play tremendously as well as spending. I’m not talking about pulls, summons just about getting ascension materials to take your 5 * heroes to the max so you can compete with paying players. A lot of us waiting over a yer for 1 ring, one tonic, 1 dart you get the picture? Not sure what can be done about the NOT getting ascension items but a lot of players are getting burnt out and talking about moving on. Thanks again for a great game, looking forward to new things. WARHULL69* MEMBER OF THE CRYPT RAIDERS