Mission descriptions

Mission descriptions look like they are buggy.

I think the goal description should be something more than “missions.goal.constructbuildings.*”

Update: I’m on Android / version 1.6.3 build 395

Would recommend posting your platform and client version.

IOS / 1.6.3 build 226 is fine.

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This is the key in a resource file. When the key is not found in the resource, the key is displayed instead of the description. Revelate is right. Give the platform and the version to the developpers.

Android, Version 1.6.3 build 395

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When you log it with support (not here), tell them what language your phone is set to as it could be caused by a missing translation file in the game.

What do you mean “not here”? From the app when I tap Options > Support > Report a bug, it takes me to this forum.

DozyC, you can dialog directly with Support here:


Petri does follow the bugs & issues category, which is where the in game button for Android users goes. For general bug reporting like this, it’s probably good, especially with your device particulars included. It gives others the opportunity to comment and add if they are having problems too.

As an iOS user I have the following:

Hopefully Android users will get the buttons to directly report to SG soon. Those buttons are good for individual issues like account recovery, problems with buying items, reporting issues from in game chat.