Mission Chests, Ascensionmats and me

Srsly this should not be a post full of whine just want to point out something i don’t get. I do finish my platin chest regulary since about a 5 weeks every day and majority of ascensionmats i get are for 1* heros. Where is the logic behind this? It makes no sense to me. I don’t expect anything cause loot is mostly rng based but why would somebody ascend a 1* when fighting 3,5k+ Teams?

Edit: Suggestion
I totally understand that it should not rain rare mats but if you get nothing usefull for your progression most of the time then why should one even bother to complete the chests? To me it would make sense to take out at least some rng of the chests. I’m totally fine if i am unlucky and get a 1* crafting mat or a silver coin at least there sould be some logic behind the chest rewards for each rank and motivation for players to reach and hold a certain rank. 1* ascensionmats don’t help anyone at this point.

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