Mission Chest loot, what is going on?!

Loot in general has become a problem as it seems to slowly become worse and worse. I am becoming less happy with the game overall and getting crap loot is not making me want to stay around. If not for the friends I’ve made all over the game it would make me want to say forget it. This week completed multiple mission chests, enemy chest to be precise. Often I will spend the 20gems to fast forward but after 2 of the worst loot “rewards” why should I anymore? Seriously SG, wake up as you are beginning to push long time players like myself out the door without a thanks, sorry to see you go or even hey don’t go let us do this for the players (you know your revenue base). And then you add the “random” board issues. Please give me some legitimate reasons why I should stay until my 3rd year anniversary with the game.

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