Missing: Winter Deals Calendar!


Ok, it’s confirmed. The winter deals calendar accessed by the snowflake is missing (Even in the beta it’s missing). We’ve collected all the posts in one thread. Feel free to add to this thread, but would love to see some creative answers for where it has gone! Personally, I agree with @1CARob - the titan ate it!

Given how Small Giant has resolved things like this in the past, I don’t have any worries that it will get worked out as soon as possible, and that we’ll still get the free loot. With it being the weekend though there might not be anyone around to resolve this until Monday.

Please pass the word through in game chats so folks know it’s been reported. And if they’d like to offer a creative explanation for where the calendar went - please send them here! :grinning:

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Where is the Winter deals Calendar? There should be a snowflake icon for the special winter deals and it’s missing? Anyone else missing it from their game screen?


Mine is also gone… And just today that is the free offer… strange… already reboot my phone and the game several times and stil nothing…


Hello, my first post. Yes, it is happening to me as well. I have been lurking here for a few weeks, and came here to see if anyone else was having issues. I have sent an email to sG.


Mine is gone too. And for most of my alliance mates too.


Your definitely not alone. Same thing happened to me. Hopefully it comes back. I know support has already said they were backed up.


Missing it too. Tried everything and still nothing :confused:


Mine is missing as well.

  • Checked for update, none there.
  • Rebooted device, did not help.


Ditto- gone. For my alliance as a whole, as well.


I keep checking for it.


Is this what you meant by free?


Must have been a thaw, my Snowflake’s melted right off the screen.:sob:
Hope it comes back soon, it’s time for day ten.


I’m having the same issue. No snowflake, even with phone reboot. And no indication of an update for the app either.


Santa’s elves got into the spiked eggnog and played a trick. naughty elves!


Haven’t found anyone so far that’s confirmed they’ve gotten it.


Or the devs fed the Calendar to the Alliance Wars hoping to level it faster…


Mine too. It was th r e a few hours ago but gone now.


Me too. No calendar:)


Mine is gone and just on the free day too :frowning: how can we fix?


Same problem here, I guess I’m not a special snowflake. :cry: