Missing War Loots (solved, I did get them)

Hi, I didn’t get the war loots this war. My name in the game is Rosenfeld and my alliance is Brasil Sempre Brasil. Could you please check it out?

I took a quick look for other people having similar issues, but only found this, which has no indication of a solution:

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My suggestion is you #contact-support, since this is likely specific to your account, and no one on the forum handles account issues (staff included):

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Thank you, I could finally find how to report issues :slight_smile:


It turns out I did get the loot but I couldn’t tell it because the pop-up didn’t show up and it only contained general items, so I couldn’t tell it by inspecting the new items in the inventory.

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Glad you got your loot, and an answer to what happened!

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I did not get the reward for the war…

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