Missing war improvements

Would it be worth removing someone’s war participation check mark if they leave all 6 flags in war?
We have had a couple of instances where someone has missed their flags due to illness / losing their phone etc. But we have had to kick them before the next war to ensure their flags aren’t left on the field for the second war.
This would also mean that if someone left flags 2 wars in a row it was intentional, as they had opted back in and still left flags.

That is actually the case, I believe. If you miss two wars, you’re automatically opted out.

So basically…?

I like this idea. It simplifies what everyone want. Leaders don’t have control and players who don’t use any flags have to opt in again.

I also agree if you dont use a flag you shouldn’t get rewards. Would mean players have to participate. Believe this a thing already on titans? No hits, no rewards?

Since we get 6 flags why can’t we have 6 teams for these wars just asking

You only can’t have 6 teams if you have less than 30 heroes.