Missing W3K War band Kingdom Loot Tab

Loot was awarded for the Skirmish… It wasn’t overwhelming, but Thank you. BUT, I received NO rewards for being part of the WU Kingdom. I wonder, was it because there was another team with the same name? :woman_shrugging:

Anyone else encounter the same issue? I’ve submitted a support ticket.

Edit… I looked more closely at my Recent activity and found more rewards than what I received from my individual war, which assumes I did get Kingdom rewards but the screen detailing this loot, didn’t appear. I suppose it pays to triple check.

I’ve edited the thread title to reflect this.


Ive had the same problem ive only recieved (pitiful) loot for the skirmish

Where are the screenshots of your rewards screen?
That screen has two tabs:

  • one for the skirmish with:
    • your warband’s victory/defeat rewards and;
    • your own reward for your ranking within the skirmish.
  • another for the kingdom with:
    • your kingdom rewards depending on its ranking (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) and
    • your warband’s reward for its ranking within your kingdom

So did you check the second tab? And if so, you meant it was all empty?..

In recent history, all those 4 categories of rewards are together on a single line.

This will probably be a silly question, but when your loot came up, did you actually click other button on top?

It took me a second to figure it out, so it is confusing, so maybe thats it?

I suggest to contact support about the problem.

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There wasnt anywhere else on the screen i could click. It had the skirmish loot and that was it.

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Well, without a screenshot, there is nothing we can do and only support will be able to help you out but I am pretty sure you just missed the button to move to the second tab, it’s easy to miss if you are not fully aware it’s there.
I am part of many groups about this game on some messaging apps and you are the only two reporting that issue.