Missing Troops Token from Find Recruits 2?

I play 4 accounts. All four have ALWAYS GOT A TOKEN AFTER LV3.

It’s not a debate. I’m stating fact. I really don’t have any reason to lie as it doesn’t change the result. You have your game experience. I have mine. 4 times a day. It was maybe a lucky run that lasted a year across 4 accounts. It was this very fact that I play multiple accounts that allowed me to remind my alliance to complete that quest every time it come up as a great way to help boost our damage potential. We have 20 members and all that completed the quest would take turns at letting the rest of us know what we got with those tokens. I suppose 20 (24 including my 3) were all hallucinating? In fact this thread is aimed at trying to swindle a free ETT for my entire alliance.*

*this is sarcasm**note

I really was shocked that ALL of us lucked out this last rotation. Was enevitible I suppose.

No. I actually have independently corroborated data, recorded again and again, for more than 15 months. For which, in those 15 months, there has never been a single counter-instance. It’s not my game experience; it’s the game experience of the whole community.

Find Recruits II produces the same result for everyone. We all get a token or we all don’t.

I’m not saying you’re lying, I’m saying you’re misremembering. And the idea that your memory is faulty here is apparently pretty hard for you to accept. But that is very different than thinking that you’re lying. I think you’re sincere, but demonstrably, verifiably wrong.

Why the idea that you might be remembering wrong is so hard for you to swallow I couldn’t say. Believe whatever makes you happy I guess.


Garawyn. I respect your knowledge of the game. That is evident or you wouldnt be a moderator. However in this particular instance you are wrong. I know what I’ve got every time I completed recruits II lv3. That changed for me and everyone in our alliance last week. It’s not a complaint. It’s a fact. So what if they nerfed it? Maybe your right and it is random! That makes the fact that my four accounts and my alliance have successfully dropped tokens a freak occurance. None of us are upset that this happened nor expected it to last forever. It seemed like it did. For a very long time.

Ah the lovely era of alternative facts… what a time to be alive!


My head is sore from shaking :joy::rofl:


I’ve been playing this game for a year. Every time there was ETT at the end of recruits 2, every single player in every alliance I was reported its presence. Every single time token wasn’t there, no player reported they got it. Exactly the same behaviour for different players in different alliances.

There’s a thread in forum where players report whether ETT is present at the end of recruits 2 or not. There’s no single occurrence of player who got the token despite others claiming it’s not there.

So it seems @Milamber that either you’re wrong, or the game behaves differently just for you and your alliance.


The thing is that there has been two months of tokens. Since 8 of May every quest had token minus the last one.

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Maybe, but there were many recruits 2 quests without token and many with it since I remember, that is, since June 2018.

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How do I join an alliance that ALWAYS gets the gold token on Recruits ll. Seems unfair to the thousands of other alliances :joy::rofl:


Of course, but i’m trying to justify the reaction of Milamber.
Despite everybody stating diferent, and showing him a thread with proof.


Some links to the old quests before the revamp


And that is how old our alliance is. Two months. We got tokens every single time. Before that I was playing each account as time allowed. The mystery is solved.

Then show proof that you got every EHT since a year ago when accomplishing Recruits II quest. Present screenshots with timestamps. Otherwise, all you have is an unsupported claim and an uncorroborated statements that does not hold water in any court of law.

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Stand up in a court of law? Are you frikken kidding me? This is a forum for a video game, isn’t it? This attitude that is a BIG part of what goes on everyday on this forum is what not only ruining this game and society today. It discourages new players and is probably a part of many long term players leaving. I have no reason to lie. I am not. I had no idea that taking screen shots of every event in the game for one account let alone four was mandatory.

What nonsense.

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Memory is such a tricky thing. If you take a group of people who witness a shooting and ask them how many shots were fired and what the suspect looked like you are most likely to get several conflicting answers.
Does Recruits2 often have a ETT, yes. Does it ALWAYS have a ETT, No.
Regardless of the length of time you have played I can almost always guarantee that @Garanwyn will give you the correct answer to any question asked. The point of arguing is mute as the evidence presented was quite clear. If he doesn’t know he will say as much. But the arguing of the information presented was rather unbecoming.

Please understand that these Mods are not paid and members of the same community we are. They are mods due to their knowledge and patience, which they have both of in abundance.

Maybe an apology should be forthcoming?


Guys, this issue has been resolved already. No need to continue fight IMHO.


Hiding a reply doesn’t change facts.

Insulting your fellow forum members isn’t a “fact” per se. It’s also against the forum rules.

As this thread seems to have run its course several posts ago and the question of the token is resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, I’m going to go ahead and lock the thread before we have more tangentially topical bickering and personal attacks.

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