Missing Troops Token from Find Recruits 2?

For as long as I’ve played, I’ve always received a troop token (epic?) at the final difficulty stage of Find Recruits 2. Today, it seems no one in my guild had gotten the token.

Is this a bug? I can’t imagine that a bunch of players in my guild thinking this was a reward is purely coincidental.

Or did the reward get nerfed?

Actually the token isn’t always there. About 50% recruits 2 quests have ETT .
Please see discussion in this topic:


Sometimes Find Recruits II has the token, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does it does for everybody and the same when it doesn’t. That’s perfectly random. The chance of ETT is about 50%.


It’s not a coincidence. It is actually an excellent example of how human memory is affected by the things we hear from others in a group.

Memory doesn’t really work like a picture or a book or a movie. It’s a fairly imperfect record, and it can change a lot over time. My memory is pretty decent, and I definitely misremember stuff–sometimes with great confidence :slight_smile:

There’s very good documentation in the linked thread showing that the ETT is only there about half of the time from Find Recruits II. There’s absolutely no doubt that this is how it has worked for a very long time.

But it’s not surprising at all that your alliance, as a group, doesn’t remember this–memory is like that. And once one or two people say something, other people’s memories will tend drift to align with what they’re hearing. Especially if the statements are made confidently.

This is why when people say: “xxx has definitely been nerfed because many people say so,” I am always pretty cautious and ask for data.


Personally, I remember many recruits 2 quests completed just to find out whether ETT is there. Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn’t.


Sure. As do I. But I’m sure you have things you don’t remember so well or accurately too. As do I :slight_smile:

So we can no longer expect a troop token from level 3 of advanced recruit quest. Thanks for taking a ray of sunshine from us. :frowning_face:

Please see the above discussion. There’s only a 50/50 chance of Find Recruits II having an ETT when it appears.


And this has been true for the two years I’ve played.


I always seemed to get one and I have 4 accounts. That should bake the rng’s noodle!

It’s not actually rng… either there is a troop token or there isn’t. It’s the same for every player.

We usually have at least one player who is planning on doing the quest regardless and they immediately let us know if there is a gold token or not.

Then we post the info in our featured message so other players know whether or not they want to complete it.

I’ve been playing for two years with two accounts and this hasn’t changed.

4 accounts. Always played that quest with all 4. First time ever that none got it to drop. That’s something.

Thanks all. I suppose that as long as I have Noticed the reward, we’ve been getting the token. Other players in my alliance have also assumed it was always a reward based on the fact that we’ve been consistently getting them lately.

Also, we have a lot of newer players (playing only within the last few months) so our collective memories are not particularly ‘aged’ long enough to have witnessed the token being optional.

Thanks for surfacing the original topic. I searched before posting and didn’t find it :slight_smile:


This memory issue is present with ascension mats. I remember having the thought that I hadn’t had a 4* ascension mat in at least a month… then my memory caught up with me “You got darts two days ago, dummy.”
You can manipulate your own memory into confirming your own bias; bad boards, low drops, etc…

Edit: This also happened with elemental chests recently. One popped up and my first thought was “Finally, I haven’t had one in ages.” Then I checked. I actually got really lucky, I had gotten an elemental chest 4 days previously.


I have always got a troop token from that quest. Playing 385 days now…everytime I finished recruits II lv3 token. I even encouraged members of my alliance to complete that particular quest and they too got tokens. How did we all get tokens every time up until this time and then none got one? Mass hallucination?

Check out this thread (started Jan, 2018). It clearly shows that there is NOT a gold troop token with every Recruits 'll quest.



The trick is to watch this forum. The yes/no is updated on the recruit ii thread to kindly let us know what’s what.


Then you haven’t played that long. Long before, Recruits II quest does not provide an Epic Hero Token. Then suddenly, it does a few months back, successively giving ETTs back to back to back whenever Recruits II are available and accomplished. Then it went intermittent, sometimes giving ETT and sometimes none at all. Right now, people believe it is 50-50 chance being acquired for all whenever such quest is available.

The quest has exactly the same token or no token for everyone, and we have well-recorded, time-stamped tracking on whether there was a token in each Find Recruits II quest going back to before you started playing, in the thread referenced by @princess1.

You are misremembering. But that’s ok. It happens to all of us from time to time. I have certainly been very confident of remembering things one way, only to have documentary evidence show I was misremembering.


You have your theory and I’ll have my fact.

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