Missing troops exp

how is that possible?

I can’t see the issue?

are you kidding?
troops give you 40, 90 and 200 exp per troop. amount of xp required to level all end either with 0 or 5 (450 575 700 825 and so on). no combination of a troop level and troops fed should give you an xp number ending in 9.


Ah ok…are any of the troops already levelled a bit?

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An explanation in the original post would have helped… I saw your original post earlier, but had no idea what your question was, so I just ignored it.

The answer though, is simple. At some point, you fed that troop another troop that was partially leveled. For instance, feeding away a level 12 2* troop awards 288xp. A level 13 2* troop gives 306xp.


anyone who is investing into leveling troops painfully knows how little xp troops give and how much you need.

that is not possible. I lock all troops of value right away. and if that somehow slipped by me, I am pretty sure it would have complained that the troop I am about to feed is leveled.

SG is stealing troop xp now. that is not nice!

No, I just tested it…there’s no warning.

The screenshot shows a 1* lvl 2 troop being fed, as you can see, it’s an usual value.

Although you may be very organized, I would suggest that it’s more likely you’ve accidentally levelled a feeder once than

I believe @Lloyd6770 was correct in their initial reply.

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I still blame them! The should be a warning when feeding a leveled troop. they do that for heroes, and heroes are a dime a dozen, while troops are the most expensive and hardest to come by commodity in the game.

Always lock troops you don’t want to feed away.



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