Missing troop tokens

I purchased the Brawler combo this morning (9:30 UTC+3). The gems were gone, but I received only 2/3 of the heroes and none of the troop tokens.


It says “Get at least two of the following” - you got two heroes, so there is no mistake.

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the same thing for me today 2018-03-26 @ 9:30 am.
I’ve received only red and blue heroes

It’s “at least 2 of the following” which means you get 2 things out of 6 listed. So it can be e.g 1x Epic Hero Token + one of the heroes or 1x Epic Hero Token + 3 Summon Tokens . It DOES NOT mean 2x Epic Hero Token, 2x three Summon Tokens, 2x two Epic Troop Tokens etc.

Ok, I’ve been almost stupid to throw away 300 gems. My fault, but it is a little bit misleading.

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