Missing training hero’s

After training random hero’s blue and yellow did not show up in my hero list. This happened this morning at 3 am
I’ve thought it happened earlier but wasn’t sure until now that the blue trained hero’s went misding

EDIT: these were from your Training Camps? Ice and Holy heroes?

I don’t understand the OP, and I understand @Rook’s reply even less.

(Apparently I missed the word “training”.) :grin:

Apparently I did too.

Still don’t understand any of it.

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Hi. I’m unable to level up my heroes and also don’t see my hero troop. Please help.

  1. To level up heroes, you need to have lesser heroes to feed to the greater, (“food”). Click Heroes, select the hero you want, then click Level Up. Highlight the lesser heroes to be used, and click the new Level Up button:

  1. You won’t be able to Level Up your Troops until you reach Stronghold Level 10. Then you will be able to convert a 5+ Level building (I suggest using a Forge). This will create a Barracks building, and you can level Troops much in the same way as heroes.

For more basic game information, I highly recommend Coppersky’s Compendium, the unofficial game guide. :slight_smile:


June 16 2018
common and uncommon heroes to upgrade my Best heroes are missing
I had 15 new recruits on the makings last night and today when I claimed them to upgrade Sonia I have zero on the storage to upgrade her.

The same thing keeps happening to me in tc3. I trained 15 level 1’s. I receive them. The hero roster showed 15 new hero’s. I went into the hero roster and I only had 4 new feeder level 1’s.

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