Missing tokens

Is there anyone else having a similar probs? Everyday in free daily summon i lost 1 token. And yesterday when i get epic hero token from the chest and used it i also lost 1 token

Im not quite understanding what’s happening. Could you walk through the issue step by step?

On daily free summon you should get 1 free summon, but i loose everytime 1 token when i tap free summon tap

Tokens are used when you do the summon.
So when you push the summon button, the token is collected.

But its not a free summon if Lost token everytime

The token is what’s free. You use it to get the summon.

See it as a coin you won at the carnaval that you can exchange at every time to make the portal give you a new hero

Ok maybe im not to understanding it right, yes youre right about this, sorry my mistake, thank you all :blush:

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Glad it makes sense now! :smiley:

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