Missing The 5 * heroes

Where are The 5* heroes… It’s more then 4 months and i got only 3 or 4 * heroes… I don’t see this fair… I got more then 50 heroes 3* and 20 4*

It’s normal. Luck of the draw. Some are pullin 5s, some aren’t. Better luck next time


Hello. This is not normal! I opened 30 Atlantis, all 3 and 4 stars and doubles. What is this?! Last time I spent money on it!

Thx E&P! Keep it up!

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Had been playing for the past 4 months. Pulled quintus on the 1st month, richard on the 2nd followed by guin and thorne last month. 10 pulls just now returned wilbur, grimm, gormek and the rest was 3*.
Wonder if i ever get hold of those HotM.

It’s normal. It happens. Game of chance.


Agreed with Rigs, it’s a slot machine. Know what you are getting yourself into. My luck on Atlantis wasn’t great, but I know the risk I am taking.

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(Bad) Luck.


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Same here… Same duble or triple heroes nothing better… 4s or 3s

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I have the same.I opened 10 cristals atlantis.only 3 stars give me the game.This game want we are spend a lot tmoney fo this game.because I delited the game empires today…) Goodbye Empires…)

I waited 2 days for a “RARE” card and I got a wimpy, weak 3 star card. I am very disappointed

Exactly! Spending a small amount of money along the way to tc20 doesn’t really hurt.
This game need patience. Unless we’re willing to spend a fortune to pull those 5 * heroes and ascension material. Then again, some ascension materials only available on rare quest, titans or aw.
There your 5 * stuck at 2 60 or 3 70 just like me… Shop for the 600 gems ascension material thrice but compass just never comes around.

Translation (Russian): This is just a Rand … 4 months and not one hero 5* do not make me laugh … people wait for the year … and you don’t need him … you still don’t have all 4* items for his rebirth to [ascension level] 4)

Um rare are 3 star heroes so there’s that???

I did the same 30 pull and zero 5 Star and 1 4 Star

Go for another 30 and hope again and again and again and again…

No special 5 stars heroes for me since august 2017. Do you think i have a bug in my account. I’m really unlucky…

It’s very unlikely that there’s a bug preventing you from recieving 5* heros.

When you say “special 5* heroes,” are you meaning Hero Of The Month, Event 5*, Atlantis 5*, or just any 5* at all?

Also, have you been running Training Camp level 20?

Yes i’m talking about heroes of the month and Event / Atlantis 5*.
I have only one training camp level 20 and i got 7 common 5* in 17 months.
Probably the lowest probability i’ve ever seen in a game.

The HOTM and Atlantis 5* are all pretty low probability.

The 99% probable number of pulls for a HOTM is 352. And even then, 1 in 100 people at that point still won’t have gotten one.

The 99% probable point for an Atlantis 5* is 305 pulls. The Event 5* is even a bit worse.

So unless you’ve done a LOT of pulls in your time with the game, my guess would be that you’re just unlucky.

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